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Office rental in Brussels

EEBIC Workspace rents out offices in a new environment-friendly, completely passive green building. The office spaces are cost-efficient, all-inlusive and modular, so you can adjust them to match the size of your company. EEBIC is conveniently located near Brussels, easily reachable by metro and car.

Equipment & facilities

Our private offices are completely dedicated to making your business comfortable:

  • soundproof, air-conditioned offices
  • workstations with comfortable office chairs
  • ergonomic lighting
  • internet, high-speed WiFi and telephone (VOIP)
  • signage within the building

All private office rentals include:

  • personalized telephone switchboard service (Monday-Friday, 8:00 – 17:00)
  • electricity, water, gas and heating
  • maintenance and cleaning of your office, as well as the building, green spaces, car park,…
  • garbage disposal
  • property tax
  • regional tax
  • municipal tax (up to 50m2)


Corporate and convenience services included in your office rental:

  • visitor reception
  • internet, wi-fi and telephone (VOIP):
  • mail reception and distribution
  • meeting rooms
  • printer and photocopier
  • access to the Lounge Room and the restaurant La Cantine
  • EEBIC networking opportunities
  • regular maintenance services

Optional :

  • numerous EEBIC facilities, such as the Fitness Room, Power Nap/Micro-Siesta Room, Ironing Room, Fox Cuisine and much more services. More details on our additional service offers


  • Accessibility

The private offices are accessible 24/24.


Our private office rental contracts are flexible. Agreements are for an indefinite period, but can be terminated by giving a 3 months’ notice.


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