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EEBIC Financing Partner Partners’ Network

EEBIC Financing Partner partners provide financial advice for startups and businesses seeking for venture capital or new investors:


Theodorus is a spin-off financing fund of the ULB (Free University of Brussels). The fourth fund, which has just been launched, can also finance certain project proposals originating in Belgium’s other universities.

Seeder Fund

Seeder Fund is an investment fund of EEBIC Financing Partner, which focuses on digital innovation in Belgium. The Seeder Fund’s approach is aiming to support digital start-ups with financial support and know-how. The fund has developed a quick and flexible process to apply for investments up to € 100k.

Be Angels

Be Angels is the first Business Angels network in French-speaking Belgium.


Sherpa Invest is an investment fund specializing in the financing and support of growing SMEs.


Look&Fin is an online crowdlending platform. The platform enables SMEs to borrow directly from private individuals.


Transfund is an investment fund that finances the takeover of existing enterprises.