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EEBIC is a business incubator in the Brussels-Capital Region. Active in Belgium since 1992, EEBIC has two main goals: renting out business accommodation and project financing by activating networks of financial experts.

EEBIC’s activities now focus on two complementary goals:

  • EEBIC OFFICES: responding to market flexibility needs, EEBIC Offices offers variable geometry solutions for business accommodation. Packages include the rental of private offices, co-working spaces and meeting rooms. We also offer numerous other business facilitation services.
  • EEBIC Ventures: known for the quality of its network of experts, EEBIC Ventures provides assistance services to firms, including implementation of their business plans, legal, accounting and tax advice services, and assistance services for finance procurement.


Created in 1992, mainly by public partners, EEBIC has gradually seen its shares opened up to private partners.

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At the end of 2015, EEBIC is moving into new buildings that are completely environment-friendly and passive.

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