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Co-working space to let in Brussels

Your job demands a lot of flexibility? You need an office, but not fulltime? And meanwhile, you’d like to get in contact with other professionals? Our co-working space provides you with all the benefits and comfort of a fully equipped office – for a few hours or a few days per week. A hassle-free solution for freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs. EEBIC co-working spaces are located near Brussels, at walking distance from a metro station (Erasmus) and a highway exit.

High-performance equipment

Our co-working spaces provide you with all the comfort of a private office:

  • workstation and a comfortable office chair
  • ergonomic lighting
  • high-speed WiFi

Optimum services

Your co-working space gives you access to all the services of a big professional office:

  • visitor reception desk
  • mail reception desk services
  • meeting rooms
  • access to fitness & relax room, restaurant,…
  • printer and copy machine
  • EEBIC networking opportunities
  • regular maintenance services


Easy access

The co-working spaces are accessible 24h/24h.

Easy In / Easy Out reservation

Our rental contracts for co-working spaces are designed to be versatile, so they offer maximum flexibility and responsiveness. Choose the formula that best fits your needs.

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